Coming to Minneapolis?

Even more sessions!! We’ve updated this post at our new website, to be unveiled next week at #ESA2013. Visit the new post at History lovers guide to ESA 2013 for a peek at the new, improved HRC website.

We’ll be celebrating ESA history again this year, with major displays and demos at our Historical Records/Centennial Committee combined booth. Look for us in the Exhibit Hall. (Location details pending.)

In addition to our booth, several sessions related to ESA history are planned by the HRC Program Subcommittee and others. To learn more about what’s happening, follow us on Twitter: @ESAhistory.

Symposium 1. A Guide to Ecology’s Past, Current and Future History: Reflections on a Theme by Robert McIntosh. Monday, August 5, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, M100EF, Minneapolis Convention Center. Organized by James A. MacMahon, moderated by Katherine L. Gross.

OPS 3. Current Perspectives On The History Of Ecology. Wednesday, August 7, 4:30 PM-6:30 PM. Exhibit Hall. Organized by HRC student member Daniel S. Song.

OOS 11. Communities, Places, and American Ecology: Case Studies. Tuesday, August 6, 1:30 PM-5:00 PM, 101A, Minneapolis Convention Center. Organized by Alison Anastasio.

In addition, three of the human-centered sections of ESA (Human Ecology, Environmental Justice, and Traditional Ecological Knowledge) have organized the following Special Session:

SS 4: Generating a Historical Time Line of ‘Earth Stewards’ to Inspire Our Future. Monday, August 6, 10:15 AM-11:30 AM, 101E, Minneapolis Convention Center. Organized by Robert A. Dyball, Leanne M. Jablonski, and Mimi E. Lam.

The HRC urges all chapters, sections, and committees to develop comparable historical timelines prior to the Centennial—collaboratively or independently. We’ll be sharing demonstrations of Tiki-toki and timelines under development at our booth all week. Stop by and see how we’re making ESA’s past new again!

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